Outback School of the Arts

Let's Get Creative!

A school for the creative arts found in Outback Queensland. We offer private/group singing lessons, small/large group speech & drama lessons and art classes for primary, secondary and adult students. Classes will commence at various times during Term 1 and Term 2. We appreciate your patience as we sort out our schedule and teacher availability. Expressions of interest are being collected. 

Singing - Coming Soon

1/2 hour private lessons ($30) for primary and secondary students. 


1/2 hour group lessons ($15/student) for primary and secondary students. Groups are for 3 students.

Speech & Drama

45min group (5 - 8 students) lessons for primary and secondary students. $15/student/class.


Larger groups may be available.

Art - Coming Soon

1 hour group classes for primary and secondary students. 


COMING SOON! 2 hour adult paint 'n sip sessions through Paint Your Town Australia.

All lessons with the Outback School of the Arts are held weekly during term time.