Register for MAD Winter Holidays

July 2nd & 3rd, 2018

The Outback School of the Arts is located in the outback mining town of Mount Isa and services the North West district. We offer classes in music, speech & drama and art for primary, secondary and adult students. To find a full listing of our classes click our register link below.


1/2 hour private lessons for primary and secondary students. 


1/2 hour group lessons for primary and secondary students. Groups are for 3 students.

Ukulele Group for primary and secondary students. Ukuleles provided or bring your own.

Children's Choir for primary students (Prep to Grade 6). 

Adult Choir

Speech & Drama

45min group (5 - 8 students) lessons for primary and secondary students. $15/student/class.


Larger groups may be available.

Beginner Art

1 hour group classes for primary and secondary students. 


 2 hour adult paint 'n sip sessions through Paint Your Town Australia. Grand opening Friday 23 March at The Buffs!