Outback School of the Arts

Let's Get Creative!


MAD Holiday Kids Program

Here at Outback School of the Arts we love being creative and we love to see kids having fun being creative! So we've created a school holiday program to give kids the opportunity to let their creativeness shine! It's called ... MAD. Music, Art and Drama.

The concept of MAD first came to be when Miss Kate and two of her friends in Port Macquarie sat down at a mum's play group with their newborns and discovered they had a shared passion of creative arts. Aimee (art), Bianca (drama) and Kate (music) put their heads together and came up with CAMP, Creative Arts Music and Performance. When Kate and her family moved from Port Macquarie back to the Isa she kept thinking about CAMP. When explaining the concept to a friend she was told 'you're MAD'. Thus 'MAD' was born.

The first MADness program was held over the Easter 2018 holidays. Since then it has grown in popularity and places usually sell out within 48 hours! For the Summer 2018 MADness program Outback School of the Arts has invited Miss Sally from DiLi - Dream it, Live it, to be part of the team. We are excited to be able to branch out and offer new creative arts disciplines to our students and always stay on the look out for new ideas. 

For the first week of each school holidays Kate now runs a 3 or 5 day program. To keep up to date with all our events make sure you like the Facebook page. All our MAD programs are set for 2019 and we'd love to see your child having fun over the school holidays!